Innovate: Beyond 5G Technologies

Develop enhanced 5G technology and invest in future “Next G” technologies

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Enhance 5G technology and invest in future “Next G” technologies

  • Highly directional mid-band systems for LPI/LPD

  • Robust network protocols for multiple security levels

Plans / Process

  • Request for Information (RFI): September 2020

    Engage the "Beyond 5G" research, development and prototyping community as a Request for Information (RFI) step for discussion of mutual interests and capabilities, as inputs towards a final BAA through a set of 1-Day online workshops by invitation of academic, industry and government personnel.

  • Finalize Technical Content: October 2020

    Finalize technical content for BAA to NIWC

  • BAA Release Target Date: December 2020

    1. Initial White Paper submission: Response (turn-around: 30 days)
    2. Down select, invite Final Proposals within 45 days
    3. Full Proposal Due: end. Feb 2021
    4. Review and Final decisions: end Mar. 2021
    5. Contracting starts Q3 FY 2021